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The builder. Easy, custom hat design software for Dome’s expanding customer base. Delivered under budget. And on time. We went above and beyond Dome’s simple request for a hat building interface, merging workaday utility with clean, intuitive design. Now anyone can use the Dome builder to create hats that are works of art.
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Hat style
Pick your visor. You like a bent bill? Sure. You prefer the flat look? No problem. This is the starting point for building one of thousands of possible custom hats.
Hat closure
Velcro, fitted, or snapback. Clasp options determine a hat’s flexibility and formality. Not to mention what people see when they look at the back of your head.
Hat colors
You decide on colors for the front, back, visor top, visor bottom, button, eyelets, stitching. Go crazy with that color combo you would never be able to find in a retail store. Or stay classy with all black. The choice is yours.
Hat logo
Upload your image, logo, or slogan. Stick it basically anywhere on the hat. Now everyone knows what you stand for. Hat complete.


Prepared quickly and efficiently by Starting Point Software, Dome’s hat builder is a more accessible entry point for customers, meaning more first time orders and more repeat business.
Hat building

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