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We craft digital experiences for you and your users.

What we do.

We take bright ideas and make them brighter.
We take inspiration and give it a shape—integrating flawless production, cutting edge technology, and meticulous performance measuring.
Interface and experience. Good design, to a large extent, influences customer decision making. In the visual marketplace, looks matter a great deal. We study and understand user psychology—the way people interact with digital media and what drives their behavior—and are focused on what will put a user at ease.
Whether you need a native mobile app, or just need to look good on a mobile device, we can make it happen.
So much is possible on a desktop. Are you maximizing your web presence? Can you see what’s coming down the line, tech-wise, that can will help energize and position your brand? We can help you figure all this out.
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Tools we use.

We’ve got a list. And it’s growing.
  • Java / .NET
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Native iOS / Android
  • PHP (Wordpress)
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • User Experience
  • Responsive / Adaptive design
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Mobile Strategy

How we work.

We’ve got a style of doing business.
It goes something like this.
We consider it basic protocol to really find out what you’re all about. We spend time on site, aren’t afraid to ask questions, and aren’t too proud to listen to the answers.
Dreams don’t have to be hazy. We believe clarity is key to a successful partnership. This means we aren’t just interested in what you need, but what you want. What you hope for. We strive to make sure we see it the same way you do, right down to the brass tacks, the nitty gritty, the rubber on the road, etc.
Projects evolve. Working with us isn’t a one and done proposition. We work fast, but we won’t deliver a final product until it is ready--meaning it meets all your specifications and more. You get to see it while we build it, not just after we’re done. We believe in iterative life cycles, the feedback loop, picking up the phone, and rolling out products in stages so there is plenty of time to make adjustments and repairs.

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